Thursday, 4 July 2013

Drenched in the Rain

Aberdeen city is known to have two main weathers - rain and snow. For the majority of the year, either it is raining or it snows here in the city. The summers are short, and they rather pass by unnoticed. When it rains, it probably is the best time for me to be in the cosy little room of mine enjoying a cup of tea and looking out at the sky.

Shot through my room window with a digital camera on one such rainy day. The water droplets on the window glass provided the perfect foreground for the granite city. Looks like an artist’s painting, with water spilled on the canvas, washing out the creation, and making the colours flow and blend in each other.


  1. I have heard of this place for the first time, but the mention of snow and rain almost throughout the year made me do a quick google search...
    It goes on my travel list too...

  2. I have been living in this city for an year now ... and since last September all i have witnessed prominently is these two weathers. There are summers but they are moderate and there is no particular dry season as such. But all in all a beautiful place to be in for a visit :)


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