Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Once upon a time in Bhopal

A morning shot taken in Bhopal, as the fisherman prepares his boat to go out into the water. Bhopal is also known as the city of lakes, with 14 main bodies of water resting within its perimeters. Some of the prominent lakes in Bhopal are Upper Lake (Bada Talaab), Lower Lake (Chotta Talaab), Motiya Lake, Shahpura Lake and Sarang Pani Lake. 

This photograph was taken at "Bada Talaab" or the upper lake, which apart from the magnificent natural beauty is also known for it's water sports activities.  Legend says that King Bhoj constructed this gigantic lake, which is believed to have cured his skin disease. One famous saying related to it goes "Taalon me Taal Bada Taal, Baki sab Talaiya". 

I do not know the reason I decided to go with a black and white photograph, but I feel that it gives an all new depth and meaning to this image. For me it seems much more beautiful and serene to see this image without colors.  Maybe life is not that hard too, you might not find the right colors to make you happy at that moment, yet sometimes happiness lies in stop searching for what you don't have and embrace what's there around you. 

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